Seven-Up Registration Form

  • The following questions help ensure that we have the right staff and resources to support your children Seven Up WILL NEVER exclude a child on the grounds of their disability.

  • Parent/Carer Details

  • COLLECTION: Please give the name of the person/s over the age of 16 who will be collecting your children. Please ensure that the named person for collection brings ID, as this may be requested.

    It will be your responsibility to alert the Seven Up team via a call or text of any changes to the collection to enable them to reassure your child.

  • EMERGENCY CONTACT: It is essential that you provide the names of two adults and/or an organisation (CERS etc.) that can be contacted in an emergency if you cannot collect your child within 15 minutes from the end of a session.


  • I agree that:-
    Staff may give any first aid/medical treatment which is urgently required.
    Staff may use antiseptic wipes &/or plasters if necessary (unless otherwise indicated in the allergy information)
    Staff may administer sun cream if necessary Staff may take photographs of my child (photos are only used as a record of sessions)
    Young person may go on short outings away from the delivery site to access local amenities e.g. park, shops etc. If you’d like to keep getting the occasional email from us; you need to tell us. To stay opted in and to continue receiving our updates.
  • Verification